Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Humday Goodness!

Hmm yep. You guessed it.

It's my Friday!


Although with my bad Thursday/weekend karma of late, I'm a little nervous to start celebrating my weekend...

One of my coworkers recommended that I go to his Chiropractor. I did, yesterday and it was quite the experience.

First...the Chiropractor didn't *crunch* on my bones or adjust me with any ominous *snap* *crackle* and *popping*

What she did was run a laser machine contraption over my body over and over while strange quacking noises told her where my body was miss-alligned and needed work.

She "adjusted" me by gently tapping on pressure points.

The entire time I lay on her table a skeptical dialog was going through my head.

What the shizzle is she doing?

What the hell is that quacking noise?

I'm so gonna be a participant on Oprah for people who loved to be scammed. least its only 35 dollars.

What could it hurt?

Folks, I gotta say.

It was possibly the most bizzaro medical experience I've ever gone through--but today? I'm pain free.

Absolutely. Pain. Free.


I'm going back on Saturday for some more "adjustment"...

So it goes to prove. Sometimes bizzaro medicine? Is all it's quacked up to be!


Cindy said...

Hi Kat,
I have access to a computer today...I know what you mean about Chiropator experiance being rather strange, the last ime I went I was rather surprised at how little touching they actually do now...But I felt great after...Then the very next day I fell and broke my back....DON'T DO THAT OK?
Take care of yourself.

Laoch of Chicago said...

I think there is a lot of quackery in the Chiropractic industry but I am glad you feel better.

Peaceful said...

gASPING CHOKING Laughing-omfg-
Quacking-HAhahaha! I can't stop..
Oh DEAR I just looked at the picture again-HAHAHahahaha!!!!!!!
ok, Myst is worried & howling at me now, I better quit...
holy sh- thanks for the laugh...
I am thrilled you feel better, please find out what that-crap here I go again- that quacking machine is so I can tell my friend about it.
ug, my stomach :D

ColleenQ said...

I've never been to a chiropractor, but my mom swears by them. Maybe your pain will disappear as quickly as it appeared...?

Haphazardkat said...

Cindy: no! I will not shall not break my back! ACK!
*hugss to you*

Laochie: I agree. I am nervous going to anyone that isnt a medical doctor...

Jadey: :D!!! It was her hand rubbing against this glass thingie that was supposed to be telling her where my blockage was...*rolls eyeballs*...

Q: My pain is manageable now...but I have a strange clicking feeling in my lower back like cracking my knuckles when I turn just right...*gulp!*