Friday, February 13, 2009

Pre-Valentine Calastetics by Dr. Guido

Look, Peeps. Has the thought of Valentines Day gotten you down?

Afraid you won't be able to squeeze into the red lil' sexy scrap of lace you've got shoved in back of your lingerie drawer?

Don't despair! Dr. Guido is here to fix you up with a fast and easy exercise program that's mrowrverlous for the belly and thighs

Guar-en-teed to leave your mate a purrring.

Everyone ready now?

Leg UP!

And One and Two and Three and Four


One and Two and Three and Four


One and Two and Three and Four

Oh yeah. Feel the burn, Baby. Feel. The. Burn.

And Three and Four and

Alright! Shake it off now. Let's relax. You've done a fabulous job!

Get some rest cuz tomorrow? We PARTAY!!



Jadey said...

May he & Myst can do Yoga together?
I hope your Valentines day was Wonderful!!!!

terri said...

I can has Tofu and yogurt and workout with LOLcat??!

Sweet! Happy Valentines Day!

Aafrica said...

it didn't work for me (* hanging my head in sadness *)

jade said...

you are going to have to ask to see my blog again- I forgot which email to use !

Haphazardkat said...

Jadey: Guido has eyeballed your Myst and wants a date! :)
and LOL at quack quack! :D

Terri: ugh at tofu! :) Workout with LOLcat most excellent idea :D
Hope you had a nice valentines day!

Aafrica: hows your Frank doing??