Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Somebody Punch Mr. Flu Bug in the Snout!

Later yesterday afternoon I crawled off the sofa and had enough energy to toss a load of towels in the laundry and to de-crappify the coffee table of all that had gathered since my sofa-sick-nest time over the past 3 days.

This accomplished, I figured I was well enough to drag my pale carcass to work this morning.

I lasted 4 hours. My coworkers and Boss seemed quite relieved to see me and my plague ridden body vacate my cubicle and depart for home where my germs could be contained and not communally shared.


I do feel better.

Just apparently not so "better" that I can join the regular population.

I do know one thing. I've never gotten a flu shot before. Never really believed in them as the people I've seen get them, always got the flu-anyways.

But this year?

Bring your pointy needle poison juice and shoot it into me and my loved ones.

'Cuz if this month is representative of how this Winter sickie season is gonna be? We're going to need all the help we can get.


thecreature66 said...

I'm sorry your still sick....HUGGSSSSS!!! you tight!
You can't get the shot until your 100% better though. I've been getting them for years now because of the I.T.P and the cancer that I had. I'm supposed to be in the first wave of people getting the shots but my doctor already ran out. I even moved my appointment up a week to be safe. Now sticky is on the phone trying to track down a place that still has some left. Feel better soon kiddo.

Peaceful said...

I have to get the flu shot because of the immune killing meds I'm on. But I still feel like I have to hide the fact that I do because of the looks I get & the suspicion of it that abounds. I have never gotten the flu from a dead-virus injection.

Laoch of Chicago said...

Ugh. It is very sucky to be sick. I hope good health finds in the morrow.

Pop and Ice said...

I'm glad you've been converted over to the flu shot. My daughter, extremely fearful of needles, converted after her flu bout in 2006. She's not happy about it, but she'd rather suffer a needle than the flu.

Hope you are feeling better soon. Rest up as much as you can!

Anonymous said...

I've never gotten the flu shot, either...nor have I ever gotten the flu...hopefully this year's not "the year."

Haphazardkat said...

BD: Did your kids manage to avoid catching it from MiniWarrior? I have a doc appt tomorrow. I might ask her then about the flu shot. *bleh* ---Hugsssss! :D

Jadeykins: Meh. Who cares what people think. You have every right to use everything at your disposal to stay healthy :) *hugs* :)

Laochie: Indeedly-Very sucktastical. I am much better today. Seems the typical length of flu--5 days. 2 more for you then?

PopnIce: Meh. Im not afraid of the needle, more afraid that its a bogus shot that won't help me NOT get sick :( I'm a synic! I know :)

Booshy: You are very lucky to have never gotten the flu!!!

Anonymous said...

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